UX Designer based in the Bay Area

Designing accessible user experiences at the intersection of empathy and tenacity

cover slide for healthcare app project

icon of head with gear brain Hotline 2 Health

Industry: Healthcare

Empowering patients to effortlessly connect with healthcare providers

cover slide for login screen accessibility mini project

accessibility icon Login Screen

Focus on: Accessibility

Rethinking the login process to work for everyone

cover slide for hvac automation controls work experience

hvac icon Emcor Services

Industry: HVAC Automation

Graphics and Panel Assembly for building automation systems

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education icon APL NextEd

Industry: EdTech

Faculty registration and profile creation redesign


Iterative design, testing, validation and continuous delivery






Research, collaboration with stakeholders, competitive analysis are the foundation for my work.


Working independently or on a team, I like to evolve my ideas through sketching, prototyping and testing.


Feature prioritization along with Agile methodologies for solid builds that are deliverable at any stage.


Checks for requirements and running tests on functionality is important. Validating product with users is key.

About Me

One common thread throughout my life has been the attitude:
"how can I help this person?"
I like to create things that inspire people, and make it easier to live better.

Designer and Educator

I was practicing UX design well before I knew there was a name for it, both in classrooms and in personal interactions. This included an iterative mindset, gathering information and stakeholder feedback, and continually re-designing around input.

Since 2016, I've designed and built websites from soup to nuts for a range of clients. In these projects, I've worn many hats, and have managed and executed web and software projects from ideation to execution and delivery.

I've been fortunate to have worked with a variety of clients including e-commerce, EdTech, healthcare, finance, nonprofit, agency, and HVAC.

Currently, I'm looking to add value to an existing design team within a full time or contract-to-hire role. With a breadth of experience, I'm adaptable to just about any professional situation.

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Prior to being a UX designer, I worked in a fast-paced digital media college as an instructor and lecturer. During this time, I taught audio editing, sound design, video production, and multimedia assembly. I still teach private lessons and perform locally from time to time.

My passion for design is centered around being able to bring value to others, because I am genuinely curious to know how best I can be of assistance.